EOS Rooflights

EOS Rooflights

Fixed Rooflights:

EOS provide a comprehensive range of Fixed rooflights ranging from stock fixed units to large single glass panels, wall abutments, multi-pane skylights, shaped, Walk-On and Eco Triple glazed rooflights.

Safety is at the forefront of everything that EOS supply, as standard all rooflights included an inner laminated pane, and the majority of flat rooflights include a fall safe glass specification at no additional cost.

Thermal performance is also an important factor, System U Values for the triple glazed products are 0.65 WmK and 0.97 WmK on the double glazed variations.

Opening Rooflights:
The EOS opening mechanism is hidden within the upstand rather than within an additional frame, as is standard practice.

This means that there is no visual difference between a fixed and opening unit, making it a popular choice among high end architects and contractors.

The system U value of 0.97 WmK and fall safe test certification also make it perfect for commercial properties where considerations need to be made for cleaning and maintenance.

The opening range includes electrically hinged, access and smoke ventilation options.


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EOS Rooflights

EOS Rooflights

EOS Rooflights are dedicated to supplying high quality rooflights to both the residential and commercial market.

Their product range includes Fixed, Opening, Modular, Frameless Lanterns and Walk On Rooflights to name a few. Each product in...
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