Erlau produces an effective anti-graffiti coating

Erlau produces an effective anti-graffiti coating

From now on, public furniture can be protected against damage running into millions - Erlau is the only manufacturer offering effective protection.

The question of the estimated annual cost of the damage caused by graffiti vandals to a town's public furniture has been puzzling of those in charge of public open spaces and parks, including town hall treasurers, for a very long time. Total damage running into the millions would certainly not be too high an estimate.

But Erlau, the internationally leading supplier of outdoor furniture, has now announced that this can be a thing of the past - provided that one chooses wire mesh benches and seat units painted with its new type of anti-graffiti coating.

Erlau is keeping its "recipe" for this special coating as secret as the Coca Cola recipe used to be in the USA. It is amazingly effective. In future, all kinds of paint marks will be able to be wiped off easily and completely with biologically degradable paint removers without affecting colour stability, risking premature peeling or impairing Erlau's characteristic temperature insulation effect.

Even difficult to remove stickers will meet the same fate. On top of that, this extra coating also substantially reduces the soiling by dust and air pollution (for example brake dust from rail traffic). And practical experience is showing that rain washes dust and dirt off the seats more easily.

This new type of "extra coating" has an absolutely non-porous structure, and is water-repellent - which ensures that wire mesh furniture dries more quickly. Sunny days are also catered for. Whereas UV helps a person get a tan, this special coating guarantees that the colours of outdoor furniture remain stable for a long time.

To celebrate, Erlau is running a special promotion on the "Siesta" models of this "bench with a protective shield", adding it to its current specially priced range in good time for the start of the holiday season.

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