Evax - Manual Evacuation Alert System

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Evax provides a safe and reliable Manual Evacuation Alert System designed to meet the recommendations of BS 8629.

The Evax System allows the fire brigade to safely evacuate a building in an emergency situation using a central control panel. Each flat has an emergency evacuation alarm fitted which alerts the residents using both sound and light. The fire brigade are able to evacuate sections of the building at a time ensuring the most efficient and safe evacuation of all residents.

The Evax system has been developed by Commulite, with over 30 years’ experience in the social housing sector. They know the demands of that environment all too well and have made their system not only robust, but with the ability to test both the sounder and the light from outside the property, meaning there is no need to gain access to individual flats, (and all the problems that entails).

The on-site control panel has been custom built to meet BS8629, is tamper proof and accessible by keys held by the fire brigade.

The whole Evax system is completely programmable, monitored and tested remotely. This means the controls on site are simple, straightforward and easy to operate in an emergency situation by any member of the fire brigade, even whilst wearing gloves.

The system carries out frequent automatic testing which may or may not be supplemented by manual local testing and reporting depending on the specific requirement of the block. All testing is data logged for complete auditable compliancy.

The system may be installed by any suitably qualified engineers. The system must be Commissioned by a fully trained Commulite Engineer.

The technology behind the Evax system has been thoroughly tested, modified and streamlined over the last 10 years as part of Commulite’s remotely monitored, controlled and tested emergency lighting system. So whilst the BS Standard is new, the Evax system is already tried, tested and ready to install now.

Fire-Cryer alarms
Every flat has a sounder and beacon with a Fire-Cryer option (a voice alert) installed, programmable in any language, so as to ensure that all residents know exactly what to do, rather than hearing a bell and assuming it’s a drill or false alarm. A red flashing light also alerts those hard of hearing, with further options available for deaf residents such as a vibrating alert which can be placed under a pillow at night.

Commulite’s Fire-Cryer sounders use voice technology proven to reduce delay and response rate in evacuation times, therefore significantly increasing safety.

Fire-Cryer can be used as a single message 24V conventional voice sounder on any sounder/notification alarm circuit, or a part of a sophisticated multi-message, multilingual evacuation system to suit your residents.

Approved to EN54 Part 3


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