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GammaStone AIR is an advanced eco-sustainable system able to satisfy the most ambitious and modern stylistic trends of architecture. It also optimize the functional requirements, the practicality and the comfort of living. This innovative paneling system for ventilated façades was developed in collaboration with the largest and most reliable companies in the sector. Together with our partners we reached top results referring to insulation, protection from weather events and from external noises.

The microventilated façade is an external cladding system that creates a thin air gap (open on the top and on the bottom) between the external face of the perimetric wall of the building and the external environment. This air gap creates a “chimney effect” that allows the ascending movement of the air that avoid condensation and dissipates the water vapor coming from the inside of the building. The microventilated cladding system suits peculiarly to old building renovations and in the projects with severe spatial constrains.

The GammaStone AIR panel lends can be used perfectly as the infilling element of in curtain walls, both with mechanical retention both with structural one. Regardless of the technology used for the structure of the curtain wall (mullion or transom, independent cells, or more traditional windows), the GammaStone AIR panels can be used as infill ensuring the highest value external finish. It also provide the best protection from flames coming from the inside of the building thanks to the steel sheet on the back of the panel itself.

The GammaStone AIR panels suit perfectly to ceilings; they can be the ideal solution for designers and interior designers. The system ensures lightweight, safe coupling system, high ceiling stability even in the areas characterized by relevant seismic risk.

The sunblades are a critical functional and aesthetic element of the cladding system of the buildings. They counteract the solar radiation coming inside the building, playing a decisive role in energy saving and allow to reduce the bright glare of the buildings’ interiors, thus increasing the comfort of living. GammaStone AIR panel can be used to build a sunblades system with ceramic or stone as external materials, giving to the building the same visual impact of the ventilated facades.


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GammaStone, leader in manufacturing its own large-sized slabs and most sophisticated system in the world, is a modern and dynamic structure with a profound knowledge of the natural stone industry. The group is synonymous of excellence and exclusivity...
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