Facade Maintenance


With the facade maintenance solutions from XSPlatforms, you not only choose for quality and functional innovation, but also for convenience and safety.
Suspended Ladders
What is the easiest and most affordable way to work at modest heights? With suspended ladders from XSPlatforms, of course. Suspended ladders can be moved horizontally along the facade using a rail mounted on the roof or just below the eaves. And XSPlatforms suspended ladders can even be installed on curved facades.

Access Gantries
Maintenance work on a cupola or other roof structure can often be quite a daunting task.. But with XSPlatforms gantries, they bridge the gap between working comfort and “clear-as-a-bell” maintenance. Their gantries can be used both indoors and outdoors as well as in combination with a gondola or other options. XSPlatforms provides custom gantries for any situation.

Roof Cars
With a roof car from XSPlatforms, every part of your facade is within reach. You can easily adjust the reach of your roof car to the specific characteristics of your building - in height as well as width. hether your building has a pitched roof or a high parapet, XSPlatforms designs custom solutions for every situation.

No matter what type of roof car, gantry or monorail you use, XSPlatforms has the one- or two-person gondola that you need. The gondola is equipped with tough, reliable hoists and can be moved along the facade manually or electrically. You can even set the reach as you require.

XSPlatforms' monorail system combines a special aluminum profile with manually or electrically driven wagons that let you glide horizontally or vertically along the facade or eaves of your building. Install your monorail under the eaves or on the roof - even if it slopes or is curved. Monorails can be equipped with a self-hoisting one or two-person gondola. Choosing a monorail means choosing for design freedom and virtually endless possibilities.

Rail Tracks
XSPlatforms can produce rail tracks in various types of rail, with numerous attachments and in several track widths. The rail track design is customized to your specific needs. In almost every situation, the track can be constructed so that the entire facade is accessible - even if your roof is angled.


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At XSPlatforms, they believe that, above all, working at heights should be safe and easy. They make this possible by developing solutions that excel in quality, safety, durability and ease of use - for every building and every situation. Their...
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