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These systems are the central components in the planning, design and construction of many modern buildings and are the core of Schueco’s business.

The huge range of Schueco systems available gives architects the widest possible design latitude, allowing innovative building concepts to be fully realised in aluminium or steel.

Special versions of Schueco façade systems enable a high level of security to be built in unobtrusively and provide protection against all forms of attack including bomb blasts, bullets and burglars.

Whether it’s stick façades, parametric façades or structural glazing, Schueco has a system that will form the basis of a perfect solution without the need to compromise.

Key benefits:

• Complete profile systems in aluminium and steel
• All façade types, including twin wall façades
• Almost all skylight geometries
• Window units in all opening types
• Passive and active solar shading systems
• Innovative façade management technology
• State-of-the-art protection against fire and smoke
• Façade constructions in all resistance classes
(smoke, fire, burglar, blast and bullet)
• Extensive range of fittings, locks and accessories
• Unprecedented design possibilities with affordable parametric façades
• Passive House thermal standards achievable

Energy efficiency remains key to future construction. Schueco’s unique aluminium modular system offers architects, planners and fabricators the best possible combination of energy saving, security, automation and design.

Options include mullion/transom façades using steel and timber add-on constructions, structural glazing and unitised façades - together with a wide variety of systems for fully integrated opening units.

The introduction of the Schueco Parametric System will give architects an entire new range of design options at an affordable price.

Key Benefits:

• Comprehensive choice of systems
• Suitable for all sizes of project
• Unitised façade option
• Cost-effective Parametric Facade option
• Wide selection of opening windows include concealed vents
• Comprehensive technical back-up
• Specialised fire, smoke and security specification
• Passive and active solar shading systems
• SHEVS option

In large-area vertical façade and skylight construction, steel is the preferred material for profile systems.

The exceptional structural properties of steel mean that façade units with large module widths can be achieved with comparatively small basic depths – and with the same narrow profile widths – thus delivering an unbeatable combination of strength and elegance.

Key Benefits:

• Small basic depths due to excellent structural properties
• Large module widths with narrow profile face widths
• Multi-system VISS® for a variety of styles
• Window units in all opening types
• Passive and active solar shading systems
• Innovative façade management technology
• State of the art fire and smoke protection technology
• Façade constructions for all resistance classes
(smoke, fire, burglar, blast and bullet)
• Optional burglar and bullet resistance
• Flexible application possibilities due to Schueco system compatibility
• All façade systems are TRAV approved


MaterialsAluminium. Steel


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