Fail Safe Feature for XPress Copper press-fit fittings

Fail Safe Feature for XPress Copper press-fit fittings

The “Leak Before Press” (LBP) feature means fittings which have been assembled but mistakenly remained un-pressed will leak during testing and can therefore be easily identified. This can save a considerable amount of time in the commissioning process, and also prevents any potential returns to site by contractors after building hand-over to attend to fittings that are subsequently discovered to be un-pressed.

The LBP capability of XPress Copper fittings has been created through the unique patented shape of the fitting, which is exclusive to Yorkshire Fittings. This shape creates three leak paths without any potentially compromising modification to the “O” ring seal. The feature is visibly noticeable on sizes 15mm to 54mm, giving the fitting a slightly triangular shape it is also applied but less noticeably on sizes 67mm to 108mm. The action of the press-fit tool when making the joint fully re-works the fitting into the correct shape.

Contractors and commissioning engineers can be assured that any leaking caused by un-pressed joints occurs at a very low pressure. XPress Copper fittings will leak at a point within the range between 0.5 and 6.0 bar of test pressure, to comply with the DVGW regulations.

XPress Copper fittings are available in sizes from 15mm to 108mm for use in water, heating and chilled applications. Fittings are simply compressed onto the tube using a press-fit tool, a heat-free operation that uses no solders, fluxes or additional jointing materials. The simplicity of this technique means that press-fit joints can be prepared, assembled and completed in around half the time it would take to make a capillary or screwed steel joint, resulting in significant installed cost savings.

As well as being quick and cost-effective to install, XPress Copper offers other significant benefits. Being a heat-free jointing method, no Hot Works Permits are required, reducing costly insurance premiums and avoiding the storage of inflammable gases. In addition, the clean jointing technique results in an absence of flux residue, making the flushing process quicker and simpler.

With System guarantees of up to 30 years when installed with BS EN 1057 Yorkex copper tube from Yorkshire Copper Tube Limited, contractors, specifiers and installers can be confident in both the practicality and longevity of an XPress Copper System.

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