FiberExpress® Brilliance® Field-Installable Connectors

FiberExpress® Brilliance® Field-Installable Connectors

Belden’s FiberExpress® Brilliance® Field-Installable Connectors are quick and simple to use, allow fiber termination in only 5 seconds and require no specialized tools.

Optical-fiber networks are used for some of Belden's most mission-critical data transmissions which necessitates the use of components that are of the highest quality possible. Belden®, a well-established leader in signal transmission technologies, has been involved in the fiber market for over a quarter of a century, plus it has been providing high precision, sophisticated connector technology since the early 1990s.

Belden’s FiberExpress® Optical Fiber Solutions, which consist of a full range of cables, connectivity hardware, patch cords, cable assemblies, connectors and work area outlets, are part of Belden's Total Enterprise Networks™ (TENs) networking approach. TENs components and systems are designed to ensure superior, high-performance networks, while also helping the contractor with the need for faster, less complex installations.

The FiberExpress® Brilliance® Connector joins the TENs line-up of flagship products since it meets all TENs criteria: offering installers and end-users alike the fastest, simplest, most cost-effective and reliable field-installable connector in the industry. This connector can be used as a backbone, horizontal, or fiber-to-the-desk component in any commercial building or data centre.

The connector's features position it as the industry’s best solution for the challenges of field connectorization of optical fiber networks. It is also the connector of choice for high-speed optical networks such as 10G Ethernet and the more challenging 40G/100G networks of the future. Its use with Belden’s FiberExpress Ultra Patch Panel – an ultra high density, easy-to-install and flexible patch panel system – guarantees improved performance and reliability, along with ease of use and distinct labor savings.

To make the fiber preparation step even easier, Belden has also developed a number of fiber preparation installation kits, which range from a very basic connectorization kit to a precision fiber preparation and cleaving kit.

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