Fire Resistant Glass

Vetrotech Saint-Gobain UK

There are few situations that pose a greater risk to personal safety than the outbreak of fire. Vetrotech can provide a variety of life-saving, fire-resistant glazing solutions that will not only keep people safe, but will protect the building itself and its assets. Insulating against fire, smoke and hot, toxic gases, our glass is available in a number of variants to suit every building application – including frameless options for seamless architectural integration.

Contraflam®, Pyroswiss® and Vetroflam® are our three fire-resistant products, all of which come in a number of variants. Whatever your requirements, we can guarantee our products' integrity for between 30 minutes and 120 minutes, depending on the chosen glass.

Vetrotech's fire-resistant glass does more than protect against fire, though. Many of their products include intumescent interlayers that react when exposed to fire – providing an effective shield against heat, smoke and gases. Some glass turns opaque which blocks the view of the fire, minimising panic among the people that need to evacuate the building. Other glass stays clear to alert them to the danger and to let the rescue services know where the fire is.


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Vetrotech Saint-Gobain UK

Vetrotech Saint-Gobain UK

Vetrotech is one of the world's biggest names in high-performance glass manufacturing. Delivering world-class glass solutions for marine, fire and security applications, we are dedicated to making your building or vessel safe, functional and...
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