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BURNBLOCK is a non-toxic and highly effective fire-retardant formula. A water-based treatment that is composed of 100% natural ingredients, BURNBLOCK is fully biodegradable – a UK first in treating sawn timbers.

Exclusively available in the UK at WJ Group, BURNBLOCK treated timber effectively extends the length of time between ignition and flashover; the point a fire becomes out of control. The treatment works by providing more time for people to escape and limits costs in relation to damages.

BURNBLOCK effectively prevents oxygen – one of the three elements for ignition and continuance of fire, from reaching the treated object. Without oxygen in the chain reaction, the risk of ignition is greatly reduced and the speed at which any flame spreads is vastly decreased.

With its own dedicated facility, specifically built for the purpose of impregnating fire retardant treatments to a variety of timber species, BURNBLOCK is applied using an autoclave in a controlled factory environment using the latest high-pressure technology. The treatment is clear and invisible, leaving no staining or grease on the material as a result.

WJ have their very own kiln drying operation to return the timber to an appropriate or specified moisture content level after being treated. This careful process assists in binding the fire retardant agent in the wood and to reduce the risk of mould developing.

Tested and certified to the highest European standards by the most recognised institutes in Europe, BURNBLOCK is one of the most innovative and environmentally friendly fire-retardant businesses in the world. Test institutions to have certified the treatment include RI.SE (SP-Fire) in Sweden, MPA in Germany and BRE in Great Britain.

BURNBLOCK has also been tested in order to prove and substantiate its environmental credentials. The solution holds a neutral ph. value of 7.2 and none of its elements contain toxic substances. As a result, nothing found in the BURNBLOCK solution is included on the list of Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC).

All substantiating documentation is provided with each treatment in order to provide customers with approved certification and transparency.

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