Fire Suppression Systems

Ventam Systems Ltd

We distribute DSPA, Amerex Fire International Ltd, Janus Fire Systems and various other specialised fire suppression systems.

We offer a range of pre-engineered automatic fire extinguishing systems.

We also design, supply and install the following systems:

Server Fire Suppression
DSPA or FM200 can be used to protect mission critical assets in server rooms.

I.T Room Fire Suppression
FM200 or DSPA can be used to protect vital IT equipment.

Computer Room Fire Suppression
FM200 or DSPA systems can be used to provide protection for computer rooms and systems.

Kitchen Fire Suppression
The automatic restaurant and catering fire suppression system is a pre-engineered, wet chemical, self contained stored pressure system with a fixed nozzle agent distribution network. We offer a number of solutions depending on your requirements and specifications.

Vehicle Fire Suppression
Vehicle Fire Suppression is activated electronically, thermally or manually. Systems are installed in a wide range of vehicles used in construction and transportation. Some systems require no pipe work. The units are easily and economically installed.

Engine Fire Suppression
We offer both wet chemical, dry powder and DSPA solutions for engine fire suppression depending on your requirements.

FM200 Fire Suppression
Typical applications include; telecommunication facilities, computer rooms, control rooms, museums, historical archive storage, art galleries, pharmaceutical and medical facilities, record storage facilities.

CO2 Fire Suppression
Typical applications include flammable liquid storage, transformers, rotating electrical equipment, power generation, metal processing facilities, printing industry, paint mix, machining facilities.

Foam Fire Suppression
This system is designed to provide solutions for; aircraft hangars, basements, cable tunnels, flammable liquid storage, tank farms, loading facilities, warehouses etc.

Mist Fire Suppression
Typical applications include warehouses, industrial equipment, aircraft hangars, power plants, basements, rolling mills and exhaust systems etc.

Dry Sprinkler Powder Aerosol Fire Suppression
DSPA is a revolutionary fire extinguishing technology that is activated electronically, thermally or manually, depending on application.

DSPA is non-corrosive and non-conductive and can function over a large temperature range.

Knock Down Fire Suppression DSPA 5
The DSPA-5 unit is activated manually and is designed to be thrown towards the seat of the fire rather than installed into a room and connected to a fire alarm system.

Upon arrival at the scene, an initial risk assessment is carried out and, if the circumstances are appropriate, one or more DSPA-5's would be thrown directly into the fire affected area.

Without the need to enter the area affected by fire, the cord on the DSPA-5 is pulled to activate it. It is then thrown towards the seat of the fire.

Nofiq Business Critical Protection
Nofiq is a new and innovative tool to protect against damage caused by fire.

Depending on the size of the application and the equipment being protected, NOFIQ can be used stand alone in one cabinet or linked by radio communications to multiple cabinets. Within a cabinet, one or more units can be used to prove the necessary protection.


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Ventam Systems Ltd

Ventam Systems Ltd

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