Flap Valves & Penstocks


Flap Valves, Penstocks, Tideflex Valves, Stop Logs & Wastops

Althon offers a range of HDPE, cast iron and stainless steel products for flood prevention and the effective control and management of water. Althon flow controls include flap valves, penstocks, stop logs and a range of inline check valves such as the Wastop and Checkmate. Several of the Althon flow controls can be pre-fitted to our precast concrete headwall units, saving time on-site and avoiding potentially dangerous installation scenarios.

Althon also offers the full catalogue of Tideflex duckbill valves.

Beyond our standard range of flow control devices we are pleased to assist with bespoke design requirements and solutions to problematic water control situations.

Flap Valves

Althon offer ranges of flap valves in HDPE, cast iron and stainless steel. Flap valves are used to prevent flooding and to stop water back-flowing up pipework connecting into ponds, ditches and swales. Althon also offer tidal flap valves. Alton also offer pipe mounted flap valves, flange mounted flap valves and push - fit flap valves. The flap valves can be manufactured to suit site specific installation requirements and operating water pressures.

Penstock Valves

Althon offer a range of HDPE and stainless steel penstocks for the control and isolation of water. Penstocks can be mounted directly to an existing flat surface, pre-fitted to a pre-cast headwall or fixed in-line with an existing pipe run negating the requirement for a manhole. Outside of our standard range of products available below Althon can assist with the design and supply of penstocks to suit square openings, non-standard size pipe openings and can supply penstocks to suit operating pressures dictated by site requirements.


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Althon specialise in the design, manufacture and distribution of drainage products for the management, treatment, isolation and control of water. Their range of products includes Althon precast concrete headwalls, HDPE, cast iron and stainless steel...
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