Flooring Industries

Flooring Industries

Flooring Industries believe many advantages can be found by specifying carpet tiles. Today’s modern office environments with open office systems are designed for flexibility to accommodate frequent layout changes.

Advantages such as colour coordinated for maximum design flexibility, increased speed of installation, waste reduction, easily replaceable, wear rotation to increase life span, compatibility with access systems. With all this flexibility, we’re sure you’ll find exactly what you need in Flooring Industries' carpet tile portfolio.

Trade names

Amaryllis, Americana, Aniseed Balls, Camellia, Candy Caine, Chalfont Cord, Cherry Lips, Cola Bottles, Cola Bottles Stripe, Cotton Candy, Dahlia, Dahlia Additions, Dahlia cut Pile, Elegant Jasmine, Granny Sookers, Humbug, Insomnia, King Kong, Liquorish Allsorts, Meadowlines, Montana, Narcissi, Pelargonium, Randoms, Reflections, Shadows, Sherbet Pips, Skyscape, Strawberry Hearts, Tooty Frooties

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