Further technical information such as composition and manufacture, size and weight, performance and sitework...

Further technical information such as composition and manufacture, size and weight, performance and sitework...

Composition and manufacture

ZinCo green roofs are suited for use over warm and inverted roof configurations and, with certain limitations, on sloping as well as flat roofs. Drainage elements include Floradrain, Floratherm and Floraset to ensure effective balance between water retention and drainage, even with dense root growth. The filter membrane, positioned beneath the growing medium, prevents subsoil from entering the drainage element, while the moisture mat retains nutrients and provides mechanical protection. When a green roof is installed over an inverted roof with Hydrotech, the root barrier is incorporated into the Hydrotech system. In warm roof applications Alumasc Derbigum Anti-Root acts as an integral root barrier.


ZinCo green roofs from Alumasc are available in four broad application categories.

Extensive: lightweight with a relatively shallow substrate, providing a colourful carpet of planting comprising sedum and hardy plants. Requiring minimal maintenance and no irrigation, extensive green roofs provide strong ecological benefits. With semi-intensive green roofs, ecological benefits are combined with access for recreational use.

Biodiverse: these are a form of extensive green roof where the substrate is laid down and then planted with vegetation that is suitable for the environment.

Semi-intensive: provide a more varied landscape that can include shrubs and woody plants, but still with a low build-up. Limited but scheduled maintenance and irrigation are required.

Intensive: offering the benefits of a small urban park, providing a rich habitat for wildlife as well as recreational access for people. They have a deep substrate which can support a range of plants, trees and shrubs. Regular maintenance is required.


Alumasc’s experienced design team can provide detailed specifications to suit each particular project. Installation is carried out by Alumasc’s approved contractors.


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