Further technical information such as composition and manufacture, size and weight, performance and sitework...


A full range of accessories available from Delta includes pipework, high-level alarms, mains independent battery back-ups and specialist venting systems, where conventional vents cannot be installed.


Delta is able to meet with architects, consulting engineers and contractors throughout the UK to produce specifications for pump applications.

Cleaning and maintenance

Delta technical support staff are available to advise the customer on selection and installation. The company also supplies annual and bi-annual service agreements for all Delta-manufactured equipment, as well as that of competitors within the disposal industry. This service operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Contact manufacturer for details.

Delta Membrane Systems

Delta Membrane Systems

Delta Membrane Systems Limited is the leading Type C Cavity Drain Membrane manufacturer in the United Kingdom being the UK arm of Dörken Gmbh & Co KG, the world's largest manufacturer of cavity drain membranes.

With over 125 years of...
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