Further technical information such as composition and manufacture, size and weight, performance and sitework...

Further technical information such as composition and manufacture, size and weight, performance and sitework...

Let nora® Environmental Rubber Floorings ease your eco conscience

High-quality raw ingredients are the basis of nora® rubber floorings. Natural rubber is a renewable raw material extracted from the sap of the tropical rubber plant (Hevea brasiliensis). These are supplemented by raw mineral materials from natural deposits and by environmentally friendly coloured pigments. All raw materials and the end products are tested and released according to strict nora® Flooring Systems quality standards.

As the leading innovator in the manufacture of rubber floorings nora® Flooring Systems has invested in state-of-the-art production plants.

The cooling water required for the production process is recirculated, reducing the amount of fresh water consumed to a minimum.

The electrical energy and process vapour used as main energy sources are generated in the company’s own power plant.

Production scraps are internally recycled as valuable substances and returned to the production process.

Packaging is also subject to environmental compatibility using either recycled paper or cardboard boxes and recycled pallets.

nora® rubber floorcoverings installed today, withstanding the test of time and looking after the future.


In 1996 nora® Flooring Systems received the first of its environmental accreditations when the company subjected itself to a voluntary auditing of its environmental management systems according to the regulations, (EEC) No 761/2001, and to be registered in the EMAS register, number D-153-00016. The objective of this all-European regulation is to promote a process of continuous improvement of environmental protection by companies and to strengthen the industry’s own responsibility to implement measures to protect the environment.

Today nora® rubber floorcoverings have no less than seven environmental awards including the Blue Angel Greenguard Indoor Air Quality and the BRE ‘A’ rating.

All nora® rubber floorcoverings are free of any PVC, plasticisers (phthalate) and halogens such as chlorine; they are also toxicologically safe in the event of fire.

No hydrochloric acid, dioxins or furans are given off. Indoor air quality is another factor increasingly being considered very important and nora® floorcoverings are regularly emission tested by independent institutions.

All floorcoverings produced by nora® Flooring Systems are subjected to a strict, regular quality inspection and as such nora® Flooring Systems is certified to DIN EN ISO 14001 (environmental management).


nora® floor coverings can be installed in tiles or rolls using solvent-free environmentally compatible adhesives, and norament® step treads and skirting profiles can be installed using double-sided special tape only released for nora® products.

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nora® Flooring Systems Ltd

nora® Flooring Systems Ltd

The nora® floorcovering system convenient, comfortable and eco-compatible solutions.
As the market leader in rubber floor coverings, nora® systems offers a diverse range of environmentally friendly floor coverings. Rubber flooring is fast...
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