Further technical information such as composition and manufacture, size and weight, performance and sitework...

Further technical information such as composition and manufacture, size and weight, performance and sitework...

Composition and manufacture

Ventura: Manufactured using extruded aluminium section to BS 1474 6063 T6 (HE 9TF), the upstands can be insulated to minimise heat loss and can incorporate various methods of ventilation, if required. All upstand corners are welded for weather protection. Fixed or opening lights are available in various shapes and finishes, manufactured from PVC or polycarbonate, and also various glass options. Double- and triple-skin lights are available, along with double glazing.

Optional design features include: personnel access, non-ventilating, shutter ventilating, permanent ventilating, hinged ventilating, continuous, bird/fly mesh. Where there is an existing kerb or aperture which does not match exactly with a standard-sized Ventura rooflight, McKenzie-Martin can offer an additional, tailor-made adaptor base which will allow installation of the nearest-sized Ventura.

An advantage of this adaptor base is that time-expired or damaged rooflights can easily be replaced permitting, if necessary, the installation of an alternative type of rooflight, for example fixed rooflights could be exchanged for opening rooflights. Clearlite 2000: In the closed position the unit’s operating system is concealed from view. Units can open from 10 to 90ยบ. Clearlite 2000 is offered in a range of paint or surface coatings, either single- or double-glazed, polycarbonate, or with double-walled aluminium.

Size and weight

A large range of standard sizes and light options is available. Contact manufacturer for details.


Pyramid or domed lights available in clear or Opal. Various types of glass available for flat fixed rooflights.


Generally supply-only with full fixing instructions.

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