Further information on this Sustainability page…

Further information on this Sustainability page…

Environmental policies and measures

Troax’s goal is to exceed the international and local requirements for sustainable practices and to fulfil its customers’ expectations on recycling. Since the end of the 1980s, Troax has made continual improvements in its operations and is able to deliver a steel product that is 99% recyclable.

Troax (UK) is quality assured and environmentally certified. In 1994, products were quality assured according to the ISO 9001 standard. The company was granted environmental certification according to ISO 14001 standard in 1997 for its factory in Sweden and in 2005 for its UK factory.

Since the work towards more sustainable practices began, Troax (UK) has reduced its overall energy consumption by 25%. In doing so, large investments have turned into savings for both the company and the environment. Troax continually strives to use energy more efficiently by embracing new technology and minimising the use of hazardous chemicals in manufacturing.

Manufacturing processes and recycling efforts

As a manufacturer, the company has always had a focus on keeping its production processes as green as possible. With the environment in mind, Troax (UK) began putting many practices into place that would help reduce its carbon footprint. This began in the early 90s, when the company installed a new central control system that enabled the ventilation, temperature, compressors, and paint line ovens to be controlled down to the smallest detail. Energy emissions and consumption were reduced significantly, facilitating the drive to further improvements.

Since then, Troax has initiated a system for recycling waste water from the paint line that has significantly reduced the amount of water needing to be sent for purification. Contaminated water is filtered and boiled, and the steam is then cooled to produce a water by-product which can be reused for pipe cleaning. The remainder of the filtered water is sent for controlled safe disposal due to the high oil content. Previously Troax sent out 240 cubic metres of water for purification each year. To date, that amount has been reduced to only 6 cubic metres.

Energy emissions were reduced a further 45% by the discontinued usage of liquefied petroleum gas, which was replaced in favour of a cleaner source, natural gas. A new energy control system was also installed that enabled Troax to pre-programme all lighting in its production areas for the entire year which was a huge benefit, with over 3,000 fluorescent lamps between the two factories. A filter system that allows heat from welding fumes to be recycled was also implemented. This has meant the air temperature in the factory can be kept at a constant temperature, allowing airflow to be used more efficiently and effectively.

To help reduce the company’s CO2 emissions, in 2007 Troax (UK) began replacing weekly deliveries of ready-mixed bottles of welding gas with monthly deliveries of component gases that were mixed by the company itself. This was in line with the objective to optimise the use of energy in its processes, buildings and transportation of goods and personnel. This includes monitoring emissions from transport and supplier deliveries, to company cars and overseas travel.

Product benefits

All of Troax (UK)‘s modular systems can be demounted, reconfigured and reused without the need for redecoration, providing lasting value for money. All of its steel products can be recycled, from the steel wires and tubing on its mesh systems, to the steel panel skins and cardboard infill used in its double-skin partitioning. They can be installed quickly and efficiently compared to other partitioning alternatives and there is no waste when the product is no longer required. The company’s painted single- and double-skin panels have an inert, non-shedding finish that is TGIC- and lead-free.

Double-skin modular offices and cleanrooms can also offer substantial energy savings due to the sound and thermal insulation properties of the fully recyclable composite infill.


ISO 9001, ISO 14001

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Troax (UK)

Troax (UK)

Troax develops, manufactures and markets a wide range of steel mesh and solid steel partitioning systems with a particular emphasis on protection and security applications. The range of Troax partitions spans from simple mesh enclosures for protection...
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