Further information on this Sustainability page...

Further information on this Sustainability page...

A sustainable business

Kingspan Insulated Panels understands the importance of developing products that are sustainable not only in their manufacture, but also in their use and disposal. In order to quantify the environmental impact of its product portfolio, Kingspan Insulated Panels has been working with the BRE and leading waste management companies over the last 2 years.
Kingspan Insulated Panels has adopted the BRE’s Environmental Profiles Assessment Methodology to quantify the environmental impact of its panels. To this end, the BRE analysed data across a range of environmental issues, from cradle (inception and raw materials) to grave (disposal) of some of Kingspan Insulated Panel’s key products. This is known as life cycle assessment (LCA), and is becoming increasingly important given the pressures being placed upon the global environment.

The 2008 Green Guide to Specification is also used within the wider BREEAM scheme, which has recently been updated. A+ rated products, such as Kingspan’s KS1000 RW and KS1000 AWP range can help the client gain significant points under the 2008 updated BREEAM scheme.

Product development

The Research and Development centre in Kingscourt, Ireland, is focused on creating innovative and sustainable product solutions to meet the demands of today’s marketplace. In 2008 Kingspan Insulated Panels introduced Kingspan EnergiPanel™ and a new green roof system, Kingspan Envirodek®.
Kingspan EnergiPanel™ is an innovative, insulated solar air-heating system designed for roof and wall applications as a supplement to the main heating system.

Kingspan EnergiPanel™ is like no other insulated panel system. Solar energy is collected by using the outer steel skin as a solar energy absorber, and incorporating profiled hollows beneath the crowns to facilitate air movement up through the panel.
Kingspan’s large scale test facilities have shown that heating cost can be reduced by up to 20%*.
Kingspan Envirodek® is a structural green roof system that is showcased at the Kingspan energi centre, and is now providing a sustainable solution to architects and developers across Europe.

Kingspan Envirodek® offers a range of sustainable and environmental benefits over traditional roofing systems. These benefits include:

  • enhancements of air quality, by lowering CO2 levels
  • storm-water attenuation
  • increased acoustic performance
  • promotion of biodiversity or retention of existing biodiversity and; increased life expectancy of the roof.
  • For many modern buildings, the difficulty for designers has been finding a roofing system which can carry the load of a green roof whilst also being:

  • cost effective
  • quick and safe to install
  • well insulated and energy efficient
  • quickly weather tight and;
  • a lightweight decking support to intensive green roofs (as opposed to reinforced concrete decks).
  • Kingspan Support

    Kingspan envirocare® Technical Services offer technical advice and support throughout the design and construction process. From the undertaking of Energy Performance calculations, to the creation of project specific NBS specifications, Kingspan envirocare® Technical Services can help to ensure that the client’s building complies with the building regulations. Kingspan’s Field Service Engineers offer free contractual training on the installation of new and existing products at the specially designed Kingspan energi centre in Holywell, North Wales, UK, and at Kingscourt, Ireland. Kingspan’s field service engineers offer a site inspection service throughout the construction stage, and advice on mechanical handling solutions.


    To obtain computer-modelled indicative data for your building, please contact: Kingspan envirocare®
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