Further information on this Sustainability page...

Further information on this Sustainability page...

Schüco building systems

The majority of Schüco’s building systems are manufactured from aluminium. Besides being light and strong, aluminium is resistant to corrosion, does not age, is impervious to ultra-violet light and requires little maintenance. While profiles have to be made of virgin alloy to enable the company to offer guarantees over a life-span of over 30 years, all off-cuts and scrap materials are sent for recycling and are made into a wide variety of products. Similarly, at the end of its life, every single window, door or facade system will be suitable for 100% recycling.

All Schüco aluminium systems - whether for curtain walling, windows, doors or complete facades - offer high levels of thermal insulation minimising a building’s carbon footprint and enabling architects to meet, or exceed, Part L of the Building Regulations. Schüco’s SunControl range of large louvre shading systems also plays its part by helping to control the internal temperature of a building, reducing solar gain and thus the need for energy-intensive air-conditioning.

Energy2: Saving Energy, Generating Energy

The company’s commitment to sustainability is encapsulated in a specially formulated concept: Energy2: Saving Energy, Generating Energy. This brings together energy conservation, through a combination of excellent design, high thermal insulation and low maintenance, and the generation of energy by means of photovoltaics. The aim is to construct buildings that are self-sustaining and that produce the most minimal impact on the environment.

Since the mid-nineties, the company has marketed a range of solar thermal heating products and sophisticated photovoltaic systems that can draw energy from daylight rather than simply sunlight, maximising the opportunities for their use. Schüco’s solar offering is divided between two main systems: the entry-level Compact Line and Premium Line, which can include state-of-the-art photovoltaics, if required.

Schüco solar and PV products

Premium Line is designed for commercial or industrial applications and is proving particularly useful in helping architects to meet the energy-saving requirements of the new Part L. The system can deliver not only water heating, but, through the use of PV modules, electricity generation as well. Any surplus electricity generated in this way can be sold onto the National Grid.

Compact Line has been designed for domestic households. Reliable, efficient and competitively priced, the system is equally suitable for both new-build and retrofit applications. Compact Line can produce annual savings of up to two-thirds of the energy required for hot water.

Like Premium Line, Compact Line utilises Schüco's own high-performance solar panels, which are easy to mount on either flat roofs or pitched roofs. The panels are extremely efficient due to a combination of clear, low-iron glass, ensuring a high degree of light transmission, and an ultra-modern Sunselect absorber coating.

The Schüco Energy2 Facade

The culmination of the Energy2 concept is found in the Schüco E2 Facade, which incorporates intelligent building technology in the form of photovoltaics, solar thermal transfer, thermal insulation, solar shading and decentralised mechanical ventilation with heat recovery. The integration of all these elements provides consistent automation for floor-to-ceiling glazing and may well prove the catalyst for new and innovative architectural forms.

Automation plays an important role in achieving the new level of energy efficiency that the Facade is able to deliver; it allows ventilation, for example, to be controlled to suit specific situations ensuring that internal levels of CO2 never rise too high and ensuring that windows are able to respond to the need for automatic night-time cooling.

Schüco Clean Energy2 System Technology

Finally, Schüco has established the Schüco Network programme, a forum for exchanging ideas and experiences between architects, its fabricator partners and main contractors, which offers considerable scope for yet further progress in sustainability.

Its goal is to implement what Schüco describes as Clean Energy2 System Technology, that is, the development of outstanding technical solutions that combine pro-active climate protection with clear business benefits. The result will be well-designed, innovative but practical buildings that can make a positive contribution to a sustainable global future.

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