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The G5 SMART LED Batten features a built-in RF wireless sensor which allows full control of the luminaire. The sensor not only allows the luminaire to respond directly to occupancy, motion and light levels, but allows it to communicate with other grouped luminaires.

G5 SMART LED Battens can be grouped together, with one master controlling the behaviour of multiple slaves. This feature allows lighting to be controlled much more intelligently. For example, lights can switched on in anticipation of occupants entering an area for example as they progress along a corridor or up a flight of stairs. The G5 SMART includes Daylight Monitoring, Grouping and Tri-level Dimming. All options and settings can be programmed and adjusted by a remote control (sold separately). An optional emergency battery backup is available.

The Goodlight G5 SMART LED Batten is a linear luminaire fitting that replaces fluorescent tube fixtures, without the flicker, buzz or energy drain. The G5 is a multi-functional LED Batten that is suitable for both interior and exterior applications. Housed inside a sleek, IP65 Protected with a high-density silicon rubber seal, making it waterproof (IP65), dust proof and anti-corrosive (weather-proof).The fitting is totally glass-free, featuring a shatterproof PC lens providing uniform light which transmits over 95% light efficacy, making it additionally suitable for food and drink production environments.

The G5 delivers up to 110 lumens per watt of brightness, utilising SMD2835 LEDs, with a 120° beam angle for optimal light spread. Variants include a standard model in 2ft, 4ft and 5ft lengths, with optional emergency battery back-up (min. 3 hours). The G5 can be recessed, suspended or surface-mounted. Supplied with stainless steel mounting clips, as standard, for an easy and simple installation (surface-mounted).

Suitable for installing in industrial, retail, car parks, amenity lighting, offices and commercial, cold storage and refrigeration, food and drink production and healthcare.

Available in 4ft to 5ft lengths and in a range of colour temperatures including daylight, natural and warm.

Supported by a 5 Year Guarantee (50,000 Hours).


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