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Pilkington UK Ltd

Pilkington Pyroshield™ 2 Texture and Pilkington Pyroshield™ 2 Clear Safety fire-resistant glass offer up to 60 mins integrity.

On exposure to fire, smoke or hot gases, the glass fractures but is held in place by wire mesh, integrity is maintained by preventing collapse, and the passage of smoke and flames. Suitable for all non-loadbearing applications including fire doors and large multi-panel partitions.

Pilkington Pyrodur® and Pilkington Pyrostop® are multi-laminated panes of float glass with clear, intumescent interlayers, which turn opaque on exposure to fire. These glass types have been developed to limit the transmission of heat from a fire. Pilkington Pyrostop® is a fully-insulating glass offering up to 120mins integrity and insulation. Pilkington Pyrodur® and Pilkington Pyrostop® can be used in walls, partitions, doors and windows.

Pilkington Pyrodur® Plus is a thin (7mm), clear fire-resistant glass for internal applications, particularly fire doors, providing 30mins fire integrity, combined with impact safety


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Pilkington UK Ltd

Pilkington UK Ltd

The Pilkington name has been closely associated with glass since 1826. In 2006, Pilkington Group Limited was acquired by the NSG Group of Japan, and the name Pilkington was retained as a brand for the Group’s building and automotive products. The...
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