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1 — groovEe™ is efficient and cost-effective, because it’s quick and easy to install.
2 — It’s aesthetically outstanding because no visible mountings or supports are required.
3 — Drainage channels are pre-formed in the balustrade base.
4 — The groovEe™ system uses recycled material.

EeStairs supplies the concrete contractor with a strong and accurate pouring-mould for the balustrade base section. This holds the groovEe™ channel, and a securely fixed cover for the open side of the channel. The other in situ elements, such as drainage pipes and reinforcement, are then positioned by the contractor. The concrete mould is now ready to receive the poured concrete.

The groovEe™ channel-cover is removed after the concrete has been poured and cured. A new temporary cover is placed over the channel to prevent damage to the groovEe™ rebate during the transport and on site assembly of the groovEe™ base section.

When the balustrade base is in place, the glass balustrade panels are fitted. EeStairs supplies glass panels with a rubber seal profile on their longitudinal edges, so that they can be quickly and securely mounted in the groovEe™ channel using a highly durable adhesive.

groovEe™ is the latest innovation from EeStairs continued drive to deliver major advances in stair and balustrade systems. groovEe™ accelerates the production and delivery of stylish, highly durable, cost-saving glass balustrades for concrete balconies.

Unlike conventional systems, groovEe™ requires no visible fixings, which guarantees clean lines and fully transparent balustrades with unobstructed views. groovEe™ is not only aesthetically and technically superior, but is highly economic because it can be installed faster and more accurately than traditional glass balustrades.


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