Ground Improvement

Roger Bullivant

The increasing cost of raw materials and conventional or traditional foundations, together with the growing number of environmental constraints continue to encourage the use of insitu improvement of weak and contaminated soils.

Roger Bullivant Limited has developed a range of ground improvement systems to provide cost effective environmentally friendly solutions.

By increasing bearing capabilities, reducing settlement potential and producing an area of uniformity to create a raft of stiffened soil, on which foundations, floor slabs, road, or earth embankments can be built.

The ground is improved predominantly by the use of Vibro Stone Columns, the NRG Dynamic Compaction and Tamping System, and Soil Stabilisation methods.

The company offers a full Design and Construct package, and is able to offer solutions for sub-structures on top of the improved ground.the arisings from CFA boring, the volume is negligible.


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Roger Bullivant

Roger Bullivant

Roger Bullivant Limited (RB) is a foundation engineering company specialising in the design and construction of foundations for all types of buildings and structures in all kinds of ground conditions.

Foundation designs are individually...
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