Hamilton Mercury® Multi-room Audio system

Hamilton Litestat

Hamilton’s Mercury® Multi-room Audio system provides the versatility of controlling music played in different areas of a property: from the living areas to the bathroom, and even the garden.

Essentially a hard-wired system, up to four music sources can be plugged into the system’s discreet hub and fed into up to four rooms or zones around the property. Built using the same technology as Hamilton’s Mercury® Lighting Control, scalability is not a problem, and the system can accommodate up to 32 separate zones.

The music sources can be controlled by a range of stylish capacitive touch glass plates or by touchscreen, both of which complement the Hamilton range of decorative wall plates The system can also be controlled by infra-red remote or by WiFi, using our downloadable app, which allows the user two way control of this system. iPods and iPhones can be connected to the audio system when used with Mercury’s USB Dock and Charger. Developments also include the New Touchscreen that fits into a British standard single wall box, also available in the Hamilton range of plate designs.


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Hamilton Litestat

Hamilton Litestat

A British manufacturer, Hamilton produces high quality decorative electrical wiring accessories, lighting controls, and multi-room audio systems - all designed and manufactured to meet technical and aesthetic demands required in of both residential...
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