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External healthcare signage is the directional and customer information signage found outside hospital (and care home) buildings. It can also be used for aesthetic purposes, bringing a look of the outside in to wards and corridors and creating nostalgia displays in dementia friendly environments.

Hospitals are large, complex buildings and can be difficult to navigate for anyone. The role of wayfinding signage is to enable people, who may never have been to the building and who may have a range of levels of understanding due to health conditions, to easily find their way around it.

Wall Murals
Wall murals are particularly useful in hospital wards as they bring the outside in and generally make them less clinical and more aesthetically pleasing. These can be suitable for all types of wards and areas though work particularly well in children’s wards and dementia friendly environments.

Kodak Digital Display
Kodak digital displays are wall mounted retro-style Kodak slide frames showing a series of slide-style images or moving video images. It’s a great talking piece, designed to trigger conversation about the past.

Picture This
Picture This is a unique rail system for displaying image panels. The panels slide into the rail, allowing you to the images to refresh the environment as often as you want to. They can be changed with the seasons or for key events such as Christmas.

Pin Free Notice Boards
There are several advantages to pin free notice boards: no pins means no sharps which can represent a health and safety hazard in hospitals.


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New Vision Signs & Graphics Limited

New Vision Signs & Graphics Limited

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