Heating and cooling ceiling systems


Zehnder radiant ceiling panels work on the same principle to the way the sun produces warmth.

Electromagnetic waves penetrate the air without losing energy. This energy is only converted into heat when it comes into contact with the human body.

The radiant panels are heated by hot water and give off energy to the room. This energy is converted into heat only when it comes into contact with the human body or other objects.

What is used to heat buildings cheaply and efficiently can also be used to cool them.

Cold water flows through the cooling ceiling. Because people and objects in the room have a higher temperature, they radiate their heat to the ceiling. At the same time, warm air inside the room rises and flows along the ceiling, where it gives off its heat to the cooling ceiling. The cooled air flows back down into the room.


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Zehnder is a brand of the Zehnder Group, a leading manufacturer of decorative radiators and central radiant heating and cooling ceiling systems for the indoor climate systems market. The company was originally launched in 1895, Jakob Zehnder...
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