Hörmann meets the design challenge for garage and industrial doors

Hörmann meets the design challenge for garage and industrial doors

With a reputation for engineering excellence it is the design options that Hörmann can offer that set it apart from the competition. As well as finishes and colours it is the practical choices that can really add to a design.

As the leading manufacturer of both garage and industrial doors Hörmann combines the robust reliability demanded by industry and the kerb appeal required for modern homes. This offers architects and designers the opportunity to create the look they desire, based on sound, practical, easy to use mechanical options.

A simple example of this combination of the industrial and aesthetic is seen with Hörmann's communal garage doors which are designed to meet a number of seemingly contradictory constraints. They need to be secure and easy to access, robust yet in harmony with the building design and capable of high frequency use, with minimal maintenance. All while operating where space is often extremely limited.

Both the sliding ST500 and up-and-over ET500 are designed for a long service life of over 250,000 door cycles. The tested designs create very little wear on the operator, have a high level of operational safety and low operating costs. The doors are very quiet in operation and require minimal headroom, making them ideal for tight spaces.

Similarly the recently introduced HST side-sliding sectional garage door is ideal for use where headroom is limited yet it offers security, insulation and a fresh look. This door also provides an alternative to a separate pedestrian entrance to a garage, through its unique wicket door function.

When it comes to styling choices the ultimate finish can be achieved with open-for-infill door frames that can be clad in a material and finish of your choice. Both up-and-over and sectional frames have been developed by Hörmann. Doors can be created to blend in with the building style and design or simply become a design feature in their own right.

The steel up-and-over frame is fully welded for strength, pre-drilled and then galvanised and coated in high-grade polyester primer. The design allows the frame to be either completely hidden or used as the door edges to become part of the desired look.

A sectional version for onsite cladding uses the proven aluminium frame of the ALR industrial door, which is especially stable and designed for reliable long term operation. With this option the space saving, insulation and weather-sealed benefits of this door style can be achieved with a unique design.

Additionally if a timber sectional door is chosen Hörmann will work from an individual brief to create the technical drawings for approval before manufacturing the complete door in either nordic pine or hemlock.

Whatever the design challenge, Hörmann has the range, knowledge and expertise to deliver the required style.

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