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The Environmental Engineering business area offers a comprehensive range of products and solutions dovetailed to the project-specific challenges faced by customers. And, Hydraulic Engineering incorporates solutions for Revetments, Groynes, Dams and Dykes, Land Reclamation, Bed Protection, Canals and Breakwaters.


Ultimat is a needle punched nonwoven geotextile produced using either polypropylene or polyester fibres.

Ultimat nonwovens provide excellent puncture protection when placed above and below membrane liners used in reservoirs and in landfill applications.

Ultimat also provides superior separation between finer subgrade soils and typical base course extending the life of roadways.

Tektoseal Clay

High-performance sealing for groundwater protection, contaminated site remediation and hydraulic engineering

Tektoseal Clay is a highly developed, perfectly matched multi-component system consisting of extremely robust geosynthetics containing sodium bentonite granulated material.

Tektoseal Active

Tektoseal Active is a highly innovative product concept that sets new benchmarks in eco-efficient construction and environmental measures for groundwater protection and contaminated site remediation.

Tektoseal Active delivers a reliable geosynthetic decontamination solution in cases where it is not feasible to relocate the polluted material.

Tektoseal Active CP

Tektoseal Active CP combines geotextile products with an extra-high performance, natural calcium phosphate that is able to remove heavy metals from soil and waterbodies.

Tektoseal Active CP filters pore water escaping from soil contaminated with heavy metals or radioactive nuclides, thereby preventing any further pollution of the environment.

The main benefits of Tektoseal Active CP include the rapid contaminant binding, the capacity of the active material, the high long-term stability of the binding mechanism, the pH neutralisation of the pore water and the function as a phosphorus source.

Tektoseal Active AS

Tektoseal Active AS is a mechanically reinforced oil absorption agent that reliably binds petrochemical products.

The versatile geocomposite can be used in water, on water surfaces and on land.

Tektoseal Active AS combines a high-performance, oil-absorbing polymer with the mechanical stability of geotextiles.

Typical applications involve facilities such as harbours, work yards, track areas, airports, or temporary filling stations and parking areas.

Tektoseal Active AC

Tektoseal Active AC unlocks whole new areas of application for activated carbon – a widely and successfully deployed high-performance adsorption agent – as part of active geocomposite solutions.

The mechanical stability of the active layer allows rapid and straightforward installation of the product wherever it is needed.

Tektoseal Active AC encapsulates pollutants already present in the environment, and prevents new contaminant migration and removes contaminants from liquids or gases.

SoilTain Dewatering

The SoilTain dewatering tube is a technical textile containment system made from a specially developed woven filter that is used to dewater a wide variety of sludge types.

SoilTain Coastal Protection

Technical textile tube system for coastal protection.

When filled with sand, they serve to protect coastlines, river banks etc. against erosion by waves or currents.

While SoilTain tubes are, in most cases, filled hydraulically with a sand/water slurry, they can also be filled by a combined mechanical/hydraulic method.


Stabilenka provides high-quality, water-permeable woven for soil reinforcement.

Stabilenka is woven with polyester and polyamide or polyester. The use of high-modulus polyester multifilament yarn allows Stabilenka to mobilise high tensile forces at low strains.

Stabilenka is manufactured in ten standard versions with maximum tensile strengths up to 1000 kN/m in the main loading direction.


Robutec is an extremely high-modulus, low-creep, alkali-resistant reinforcement product that is used to reinforce soils. Ideal for example, where the adjacent soils exhibit very high or low pH values.


A key component in the innovative Geotextile Encased Column (GEC) system is the Ringtrac geotextile sleeve.

This casing is used to enclose non-cohesive material placed in a uniform arrangement of columns.

Then, outwardly directed radial horizontal stresses in the columns are counteracted by the radial resistance of the geotextile casing, ideal for soft soils.

Ringtrac columns also act as filtration-stable mega drains, which speed up the settlement and consolidation process.


Separation, protection, filtration and drainage - with weights ranging between 150 g/m2 and 3,000 g/m2.

The properties of HaTe nonwovens are tailored to your particular application. Special fibre mixes producing low-flammability nonwovens are, for example, used on tunnel projects.

For landfill construction, HaTe reinforced nonwovens are specially manufactured for the protection of thermoplastic liners.

Reinforced nonwovens are manufactured in weights between 1,000 g/m2 and 3,000 g/m2.


Comtrac is manufactured from synthetic fibre with low creep and strain properties.

Longitudinal and transverse strands of the raw material are carried over each other and integrally joined at the intersection.


The flexible, high-strength Fortrac geogrid boasts a 20-year-plus track record in soil reinforcement applications.

The geogrids are made from high-modulus, low-creep synthetic materials enclosed in a protective polymer coating.


The Incomat geosynthetic concrete mattress comprises two high-tensile synthetic woven layers connected by a regular arrangement of variable-length spacers. The void between the two woven layers is filled in-situ with fluid concrete.

Fortrac 3D

A unique reinforcement solution to prevent slope veneer soil slippages and protect against soil erosion.

It is a flexible, three-dimensional reinforcement mat made from high-tensile, low-creep polyester with integral soil erosion prevention.

The geogrid's special polymer coating protects against UV radiation and mechanical damage.

Available in a range of strength to allow efficient selection for the particular application.


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