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Buchi offers a wide range of extraction solutions with solvent extraction being the most often used sample preparation technique to determine different ingredients in food, feed, industrial and environmental samples.

The Buchi extraction portfolio covers Hot, Warm, Randall, Goldfish or the Standard Soxhlet Extraction techniques. All Soxhlet Extraction procedures operate in accordance with the recognized methods including §64 LFBG (Weibull-Stoldt) and AOAC Acid Hydrolysis Method (Hydrolysis Unit B-411).

B-411 and E-416 Hydrolysis systems
Hydrolysis is a key step in accessing the naturally embedded fat present in food’s or feed’s matrix prior to extraction. The B-411 and E-416 Hydrolysis Units provide fast acid hydrolysis, handles upto six samples concurrently, incorporates IR-heating for fast heat transfer to the sample tube and can run under vacuum.

B-811 Extraction Systems
The automated B-811 Extraction system offers four ready-to-use extraction modes including: Soxhlet Standard; Soxhlet Warm; Hot Extraction and Continuous Extraction. All main extraction steps are computer controlled ensuring reproducible conditions and reliable results and the system is available as a standard version with a 120ml sample tube or LSV (large sample volume) version with a 220ml sample tube.


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