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Virtual or ‘immersive’ reality is widely considered as a complete game-changer to the visualisation world. Be it for gaming, professional training or architectural and design and visualisation. The implications for this revolutionary platform are vast.

Wireframe quickly realised that this platform would soon overtake traditional CG methods, as well as bring a range of benefits to Wireframe’s workflow and a higher quality of output for their clients.

Using a combination of 3D and gaming engine technology, Wireframe are able to create entire RealTime environments – planned or imagined – which the user can ‘enter’ and explore without restraint. With the use of a controller and the option of wearing a virtual reality headset like the Oculus Rift, the user can interact with the environment by changing factors such as lighting, furniture colours, floor textures and much more. This immersive experience provides a true sense of scale like never before, ensuring that spaces are fully understood before a single brick is laid.

Ultimately, this will allow for a much more efficient and accurate design and planning process for architects, developers and interior designers alike. The benefits stretch beyond the planning process allowing real-estate agents to sell properties to clients on the other side of the world by simply by giving them their clients the feeling of being inside the property using immersive walk-through tools.

Using the same technology, Wireframe is able to extract numerous high-quality CGI renderings and animations in a fraction of the time it would take using traditional methods of CG production.

Since introducing this platform to Wireframe’s service list, the company have worked on high-profile commissions such as the multi-million pound Nigg Bay redevelopment proposed by the Aberdeen Harbour Board. Having created a life-like 3D depiction of the planned redevelopment, Wireframe were able to provide the board with powerful RealTime 360 degree and 'immersive' presentation tools to enhance their marketing and PR efforts. These were showcased at their recent Annual Public Meeting, where members of the public got an exciting look into the future.

Wireframe are currently in the process of developing an immersive experience for a client in the health sector which they hope will dramatically improve the quality of life for the affected patients.


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Wireframe Immersive

Wireframe Immersive

Wireframe Immersive is a multi-disciplined CG studio based in Glasgow's Lighthouse Building - Scotland's Centre for Design and Architecture.

The company specialise in creating photo-realistic visual solutions for a range of clients...
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