Internal Wall and Ceiling Finishes


GAMMASTONE AIR allows to dry-clad walls in a very short time and with the maximum cleanliness, also leaving a gap between the panel and the wall that is really useful for the wiring of the rooms. The overall dimensions of the system is minimal, about 5 cm are enough for the complete package of adaptors, hooks and GAMMASTONE AIR panels. Thanks to the reduced thickness of the system, only a little space is wasted and the use of the environments is maximum. The width of the gap is variable, various fastening systems are available, following the length required by the designer. The system ensures lightness, safe coupling system, high stability even in the presence of seismic hazard.

Dividing Walls
The GammaStone AIR panel represents the best solution on the market to achieve finished walls in natural stone or glass of any type and finish, or in elegant and prestigious ceramics. Its lightness makes it comparable, in terms of weight, to a conventional panel in chipboard laminated, and the stainless steel sheet at the rear face allows to fix GammaStone AIR panel to traditional coupling devices for panels, such as Keku accessories or similar, simply by piercing and inserting a threaded insert, or directly to a rivet. Even the thickness plays a fundamental role: the GammaStone AIR panel (with a thickness of only 15 or 18 mm) can be used instead of the classic infill panels made of MDF or wood particleboard.

Internal ceilings
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GammaStone, leader in manufacturing its own large-sized slabs and most sophisticated system in the world, is a modern and dynamic structure with a profound knowledge of the natural stone industry. The group is synonymous of excellence and exclusivity...
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