KERS water heating system

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Conventional heat pumps sit outside and use relatively cold external air. Instead, the KERS hot water system is a simple and highly efficient ready-to-use indoor heat pump with integrated Mechanical Extract Ventilation (MEV).

• Residents pre-set desired temperatures using the simple digital display.
• The KERS heat pump is located indoors, and uses the warm air from the interior of the house, particularly the kitchen and bathroom.
• Using electrical energy, the heat pump sucks in the warm interior air and recycles its energy to produce hot water.
• This enables the KERS system to achieve temperatures of up to 65 ̊C, higher than standard ASHPs, without using an electric immersion heater.

This results in 70% energy savings compared with conventional systems.

Hot water system
• High output 2010W
• Available in 160, 230 and 300L
• High efficiency ECQ fan motor and rotary compressor
• Provides both hot water and ventilation
• Heaterless design – achieves 65°C without the need for immersion
• No external condenser
• Compact design
• Easily serviceable with bespoke design, no requirements for removal of ductwork
• Weekly legionella program
• Low energy only 462W
• Optional PV & solar coil


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