Kyros Smart Electric Radiators with Pre-Programmed Control

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The Rointe Kyros electric radiator offers warmth in a digital heating solution with 4 editable pre-programs for easy use and control. Simply select the one that suits your needs and the Kyros radiator will automatically keep your heating perfectly programmed.

They are ready for use and are 100% customisable. It also has infrared communication to receive commands from Rointe’s AIR or BASIC Control remote (sold separately).

The Kyros electric radiator offers a comfortable heat that, together with its energy efficiency, makes it perfect for installation in all kinds of commercial or residential properties.

The visual menu and optional remote control ability make this radiator a very easy and intuitive product for heating your home.

Packed with energy-saving features, this advanced radiator has a high purity aluminium body with fireproof PC/ABS side closures and superior thermal fluid (oil-filled) for faster heat-up times. It has an optimised design for natural convection, plus low consumption technology with SMD electronics to maximise efficiency.

Features and benefits of the Kyros radiator:
• Seven standard and three short/conservatory sizes available
Standard: 330 W, 550 W, 770 W, 990 W, 1210 W, 1430 W and 1600 W.
Short/Conservatory: 1100 W, 1300 W and 1500 W.

Advanced technology
Patented energy-smart Fuzzy Logic Energy Control technology where the average power consumed represents only 38% of its nominal power. It improves energy required to maintain a stable temperature, analysing thermal variations with an accuracy of ± 0.25ºC.

Remote control
Includes infrared communication for compatibility with Rointe AIR or BASIC remote control (sold separately).

Optimised design
High-purity aluminium body and fireproof side enclosures in PC/ABS with front top fins for optimised natural convection and a sleek design. TFT screen with compact mechanical keypad. 10 years guarantee on body and 2 years on electronics with extra guarantee if registered online.

Preset heating programs
Includes 4 heating programs already installed for easier control. Simply select the one that suits your needs and the radiator will automatically keep your heating perfectly programmed. Choose from Everyday Life, Split Shift, Home Life or Office.

Additional accessories:
• Rointe AIR Control remote
• Rointe BASIC Control remote
• Rointe radiator covers (standard and short)
• Rointe radiator wheels

To find out more information on Rointe's range of electric radiators, please visit here.




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Rointe UK

Rointe UK

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