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Lifelite™ LED lighting is an independent, intelligent emergency and backup lighting system suitable for all buildings and applications such as office blocks or car parks.

Combining the latest LED technologies with intelligent, remotely programmable controls, Lifelite™ enables you to carry out statutory emergency light testing remotely, without the need to visit the site, saving you time and money. All results are data logged for complete compliance and peace of mind.

Every luminaire is monitored 24 hours a day and Commulite’s control panel sends email or text notifications to your nominated personal whenever any status condition varies, so any issues can be quickly reported and resolved.

Robust and energy saving emergency lighting
The Lifelite LED system offers a fantastic option if you are looking for a robust and energy saving solution for your emergency lighting. LED boards are virtually indestructible compared to fluorescent or tungsten bulbs, which are easily smashed by vandals.

What would happen to your emergency lights once the sprinklers are on? Commulite fittings are tested to IP65, meaning they are sealed against dust and water. So you can rest assured that there will be no shorting out or tripping out in an emergency.

LEDs also provide superior light levels using over 75% less energy than standard bulbs. A Commulite system can light a whole block with less energy than a single 60WATT light bulb, meaning you get the benefits of reducing both CO2 emissions and costs.

7-year maintenance warranty
The Lifelite system is so robust that Commulite can offer a free 7-year maintenance warranty. That means you don’t have to worry about sourcing, hiring, managing or auditing maintenance contractors. It also negates the access issues occurring in stairwells of office blocks, that make something as simple as changing a bulb and major task.

9 Hours of LED emergency lighting future-proofs your investment
Lifelite provides brighter emergency lighting for up to nine hours, which is three times the statutory minimum requirement demanded by the latest building regulations, ensuring you will comply even when the requirements increase.

Always compliant
After a three-hour annual battery check most emergency lighting systems are unable to guarantee emergency lighting capability until the batteries have recharged. This effectively means the building should not be used until emergency back-up capability is restored. With Commulite, you always have spare emergency capability, even after a full three-hour test.


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Commulite Limited

Commulite Limited

Over the past 10 years Commulite has developed innovative systems to improve the living environments of residents in social housing as well as giving significant benefits to landlords of social housing, including care homes, halls of residence, tower...
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