LockerManager & LockNet for Kingsdale School, London

LockerManager & LockNet for Kingsdale School, London

Kingsdale is a pioneering school recognised by distinguished academics as one of the leading transformational institutions in South London and boast one of the largest and most spectacular information communication technology centres in London. It needed a locker system to finally sooth a security headache.

The requirements

Kingsdale School in Southwark has been working with Helmsman to create a locker security system that has provided the answer to a long-standing security headache. The school decided to implement a system to manage the activities of its 1300 pupils.

It hoped that pupils would be able to go about their daily educational activities in a safe and controlled environment. Making full use of technology would, felt the school, ultimately improve the quality of learning enjoyed by the young people.

Kingsdale School researched its options, and considered three suppliers, over a period of twelve months, finally choosing Helmsman as its supplier. Helmsman had not worked with the School before, so was delighted to be approached.

Together with Diana Simpson, Kingsdale’s Deputy Head, Helmsman sales manager Martin Fellows explored first the Dallas chip, then the swipe card and then the mifare chip. “The mifare chip was ideal and best compared to a bunch of keys,” explained Martin. “A bunch of keys has one fob but numerous keys which all do different things. This chip allowed the pupils to have one fob but had more than one datastream like a key - in other words it does more than one function. The beauty of this is that the school can ‘grow’ its technology as it grows, adding in new datastreams as need be.”

Additionally, the school had limited wall space so Helmsman also designed a locker configuration in the shape of a cross, allowing maximum locker capacity in a small area.

Using the technology

The system - dubbed a pupil management system- allows the school to issue a new pupil with a key fob. This key fob will be programmed into a database which will permit the pupil to access chosen rooms at chosen times, purchase food or obtain free meals, use the library and access lockers. (Previously the school did not have lockers for pupils.)

Using a remote but on-site computer system, the school can monitor who is using which locker and when as well as permit or deny access. The simple click of a mouse has provided a safer and more secure educational environment. Lockers can be remotely locked in an instant.

“Monitoring and controlling locker usage has been the final piece in our jigsaw,” explains Diana. “If this wasn’t enough, the lockers Helmsman have designed and made for us have a metal carcass and kick-proof wood effect laminate doors, tops and side panels. They look good, they make the inevitable attempted vandalism futile and we can manage access with ease. It’s bliss.”

The advantages

If there is a disagreement over which pupil has accessed which locker at a certain time, the technology has the ability to record and illustrate where that key fob holder has been and when they accessed their locker. Being cashless, the system removes the temptation of theft. Now installed and tested, none of the lockers have been broken into and their unique computerised key system has enabled instant access control and searches, affording the freedom to concentrate on education.

“Staff and pupils alike love these lockers.” concludes Diana. “Helmsman has accurately translated our vision into reality, a rare achievement. The lockers are made of excellent materials: tough, pupil-proof and kick resistant. We’re proud of the well built design features combining health and safety and computerised access, all of which presents an attractive impression that everyone is proud of.”

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