Lumaglass: Illuminated U profile glass & glazing system


Lumaglass™ offers extreme versatility and simplicity with a wide range of glass types, finishes and lighting effects allowing designers creative freedom with little constraints.

• Few components - a compact component system providing evenly illuminated dual glazing, lit on both sides, capable of being installed vertically, horizontally, curved, cut to shape, or to slopes

• Curved screens – economically providing stunning organic illuminated glass façades, internal partitions walls or cladding up to 7M tall

• Reduction in visible framework – perimeter framing provides clean uninterrupted lines of visible glass, including glazed corners, of striking appearance without the need for intermediate mullion support

• Little maintenance - the glazing system has a 25 years design life with a 15 year plus useful-life for the integrated lighting

• Integrated lighting system - the compact component system, provides for an even wash of light up to a 7M height of the maximum glass span with no need for secondary external lighting

• White, coloured or colour changing lights – Four individual white shades warm, cool natural and pure white options as well as an infinite variety of colours can be set to match bespoke criteria

• Efficient installation - all glass panels and lighting are pre-cut, assembled and tested ready for on-site “plug & play” installation

• Animated lighting - digital LEDs provide for a variety of lighting colour palettes, patterns and scenes and movement options

• Smart user interfaces - auto operation switching on & off by timers, solar switches, Building Management Systems, Wi-Fi, pre set programing or if required by one touch colour change

• Thermal insulation / solar heat - incorporating white translucent glass fibre insulation provides for both excellent W/m2K values, reducing the need to heat the building, and offers sun protection because it lessens solar heat penetrating the building, minimising the need for air conditioning.

• Daylighting – during day time, the white glass fibre insulation is both translucent and light scattering with even deep rooms being illuminated evenly, without blending and shading

• Smart Glass, switching film can be applied to create further options or the designer and client with vision / opacity matching illumination/ non-illumination patterns we can offer a solution for every requirement.

• Sound reduction - incorporating white translucent glass fibre insulation provides for increased sound reduction to 43dB

• Privacy – the translucent finish, achieved by sandblasting of coating of coloured acrylic resin, provides an even wash of light over the entire glazed area providing privacy from both sides.

• Security – incorporating thin stainless steel wire inlays substantially increases the security properties of the system.

• One stop shop - LumaglassTM team provides the necessary technical support from advice on concept, through design concept, detail design, shop drawings, set out, contract management, on-site supervision and installation.

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Lumaglass is a unique architectural interior and exterior illuminated glazing system. It is a simple yet effective concept of self-supporting u-shaped glass channels and LED or electroluminescent lighting assemblies with various colour options, and...
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