max.e3-DH is a unique 3 stage Heat/Cool/Humidity Recovery Hybrid, designed to closely control the RH(%) and T(°C) of the supply air within narrow limits (Tsupply = ± 0,5 -1°C and RHsupply = 1,5 - 2%). It is part of their “Process Ventilation” hybrid model`s.

max.e3-DH is designed to maintain T/RHsupply (°C/%) around the world, throughout the whole year, passing through different modes absolutely automatically.

The best and min., that could be achieved and maintained with max.e3-DH is:

T/RHsupply= 5°C/100%, corresponding to an absolute humidity of x = 5,2 - 5,6 g/kg.

The additional re-heater, that is integral part of the refrigerant circuit and recovers heat from it, the re-heated air is supplied with the desired parameters (e.g. T/RHsupply = 18°C/50%), without using any electric or water source.

Unlike max.e3, which is a 2 stage Heat/Cool/Humidity Recovery Hybrid, max.e3-DH adds another stage and becomes a 3 stage Heat/Cool/Humidity Recovery Hybrid:

1. Cool/Humidity Recovery in the rotary wheel + 2. Deep cooling and dehumidification in the evaporator (down to 5°C/100%) + 3. Re-heating in the additional re-heater (condenser) in summer, spring and autumn modes.

1. Heat/Humidity recovery in the rotary wheel + 2. Heating in the Condenser + 3. Humidification in the Steam Humidifier in winter mode.

Practically has 2 main modes: 1. Cooling + Dehumidification in summer, spring and autumn and 2. Heating + Humidification in winter.

There are NO Standard models and sizes. Each unit is specifically designed, based on the customer project requirements and location, the configuration, dimensions, technical parameters and performance will differs from projects to project.

Selection - All technical selections for max.e3-DH are made with a combination of specialized selection software + detailed manual calculations.

The name and configuration of max.e3-DH looks similar to max.e3, but the differences are more than the similarities.

max.e3-DH has: significantly higher cooling capacity (kW)+ dehumidification capacity(kg/h) and refrigerant quantity(kg), bigger length (with several additional sections), bigger and more complex refrigerant circuit and automation system, more complex automation processes and higher control accuracy.

Applications: Hospitals, Operation Theaters, Pharmaceutical, Laboratories, Microelectronics, Food Industry and others…

Outstanding efficiency and energy savings - Despite much higher capacities than max.e3, max.e3-DH provides outstanding efficiency throughout the whole year, exceeding any conventional systems.


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