max.e-mini is an autonomous module heat recovery ventilation unit containing an built-in heat pump, automation, and a control system.

max.e-mini - Hybrid AHU with "2 stage thermodynamic heat recovery technology"- recovering up to 100% of the extract heat/cool/humidity, achieved - "consecutively" in 2 stages:

1st stage - "passive heat recovery" - using air-to-air plate heat exchanger to recover up to 65% of the extract heat from the room
2nd stage - "active heat recovery" - using the evaporator of the air-to-air heat pump to recover from 65÷100% of the extract heat from the room

max.e-mini is designed for Every Climate from -20°C to +40°C.

max.e-mini is suitable for Every Application where 100% fresh air is needed, by means of covering all possible air treatment processes:
- Filtration
- Recirculation (winter mode only)
- Heat recovery
- Heating
- Cooling

Every Installation - suitable for all types of mounting, indoor (machinery rooms, technical floors, etc.) and outdoor

100% Plug and Play - standalone "one-piece" unit, which only needs a duct system and power supply for its start up.

High reliability and reduced installation costs, achieved by 100% factory tests - each unit is tested under factory conditions. The test includes:

- Leakage check
- Vacuuming and loading the system with the exact refrigerant quantity
- Functional testing of all fans and compressors
- Vibrations
- Loading the controller's software
- Temperature and pressure checks
- Setting up the required air flow
- Recording all parameters of the unit on the test list

COP/SCOP/SPF - A conventional air-cooled heat pump uses the ambient air for the evaporation process and during the winter this air can reach temperatures of -10°C, -15°C or even -20°C. Extracting heat from the ambient air is an inefficient process. In comparison, max.e-mini uses the extract air from within the room. Under normal conditions, this air ranges in temperatures from 20÷24°C. Firstly, 65% of the heat is recovered in the plate heat exchanger and then at a temperature between 1÷6°C, the air enters the evaporator of the heat pump, thus recovering the other 35%.

Using this method, Damvent achieve a COPsystem of 10 or more and avoid frost formation on the evaporator (which commonly occurs in all conventional heat pumps).


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