max.e-pool is based on max.e2 - an autonomous module heat recovery ventilation unit containing an built-in heat pump, automation, and a control system and is designed to maintain the indoor climate parameters (Temperature and Relative Humidity) in covered swimming pools.

Each swimming pool has to offer optimal microclimate conditions of its visitors. The high relative humidity and condense in the rooms and especially in the halls of the covered swimming pools reduces significantly the comfort and in the same time leads to damaging of the building structure and the equipment within it.

Achieving an optimal microclimate condition together with reducing the negative results due to the high humidity in the indoor swimming pools, is a process that requires a lot of energy and is quite expensive. Swimming pools consume disproportionately large amounts of energy compared to dry buildings. Water evaporation requires the supply of latent heat of vaporization. This energy, contained in the water vapor, is lost from the building through ventilation. This form of energy loss far exceeds dry building losses through ventilation and conduction.

With the concept solution of Damvent for precise control of the micro climate in the covered swimming pools max.e-pool, these negative processes will be minimized and will be reached the optimal comfort for the visitors.

A conventional air-cooled heat pump uses the ambient air for the evaporation process and during the winter this air can reach temperatures of -10°C, -15°C or even -20°C. Extracting heat from the ambient air is an inefficient process. In comparison, max.e-pool uses the extract air from within the room. Under normal conditions, this air ranges in temperatures from 20÷24°C. Firstly, 60÷65% of the heat is recovered in the plate heat exchanger and then at a temperature between 4÷10°C, the air enters the evaporator of the heat pump, thus recovering the other 30÷35%.

Using this method, Damvent achieve a COPsystem of 10 and avoid frost formation on the evaporator (which commonly occurs in all conventional heat pumps).

According to EN14825, the highest Energy Efficiency Class for Heat Pumps is A+++ with a SCOP=3.75 (high temperature) - 4.38 (low temperature). With a SCOP=3.8÷6.5 (of the refrigerant circuit) and a COPnet of the whole system SCOPnet= 5÷15, max.e-pool is far ahead of the competition.


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