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VSH Tectite
VSH Tectite is a world class push fit system incorporating pipe fittings, valves and controls delivering cost savings as a result of its speed of installation and a combination of push fit jointed technology across a range of materials - copper and PEX.

Proven Advantages
VSH Tectite saves time and money on jobs large and small with its unique push fit technology; no naked flames; perfectly clean internal bores.

Reliability and Performance
VSH Tectite is renowned for both high performance and reliability, Independently tested and certified to be class leader.

VSH Tectite is highly versatile, there is a very wide range of fittings available for use within many materials including copper tube, PEX and PB pipe.

Typical Applications:
- Domestic
- Multi Occupancy
- Light Commercial

VSH PowerPress
The VSH PowerPress range is a press system designed for thick wall steel pipe. Installation times are reduced, and a clean working environment is assured. This new system offers installers a complete solution with great flexibility.

Up to 80% quicker compared with welded or threaded example, brewery, 16 hours screwed, 2 hours PowerPress.
No requirement for tools on site.
No hot permit required.
No down time at close of business.

Less technical than threading or welding.
Reduced number of skilled workers.
Installation can be carried out on wet systems.
PowerPress ring indicates fitting function and o ring material, and reduces contamination and deflection.

Full Aalberts Integrated Piping System (IPS) including valves offers enhanced warranty and reduced contractor risk.
Reduced requirement for tools on site for cleaner and safer working.
Leak before pressure feature reduced risk of failure and poor installations.
Can be installed in hazardous applications without additional precautions.

Typical Applications:
- Heating
- Cooling
- Compressed Air

VSH XPress
VSH XPress is a leading press-fit system, offering a comprehensive and flexible range for all modern building services, providing easy, fast, cost effective and reliable joints.

Innovative, comprehensive and easy to use
VSH XPress offers all the benefits of a heat free, press-fit system, saving time and money with every joint.

VSH XPress offers a more diverse range of installations and opportunities, such as gas installations, with super sizes available for the highest tower block.

VSH XPress's performance is exceptional, a heat free, clean system offering major advantages over its competitors.

Typical Applications:
- Domestic
- Multi occupancy
- Commercial
- Public Utility

VSH MultiPress

Fast & Easy
Light weight tube and fittings.
Optimal positioning of a press jaws for fast and secure pressing.
Easy to identify fittings with size colour coding.
Quickly check the insertion depth of the tube using the control window.
Calibration up to 32mm recommended but not required.

Can be use with either a TH or U profile.
Benefit of leak before press function up to 32mm.

High Quality
Compact fitting which can be used in a range of applications.
WRAS approved.
No additional protection required due to higher resistance compared to other materials.

Typical Applications:
- Domestic
- Multi Occupancy
- Commercial
- Public Utility

VSH Shurjoint
VSH Shurjoint is recognised as a world leading solution for grooved piping systems. With a broad range of high quality grooved components and expertise in innovative mechanical solutions. VSH Shurjoint offers more value in the HVAC, compressed air and industrial markets.

Consistent connections
Welding is labour intensive and the quality of the joint depends on the availability of skilled professionals. The quality of a grooved connection is not dependent on site conditions and can even be pre-fabricated off-site.

Installation time
With VSH Shurjoint you save up to 70% installation time compared to welding. Faster installation times means fewer man-hours. This will help you to reduce the time spent on site and meet your tight project schedule.

Typical Applications:
- Hospitals
- Education
- Leisure Facilities
- Hotels
- Multi- Storey Residential Buildings


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