Modular high-speed doors for modern modular buildings

Modular high-speed doors for modern modular buildings

Modular buildings have in recent years under gone a huge resurgence, with many businesses opting to prefabricate buildings bespoke to their needs. Choosing to use a modular building can often lead to a reduction in build time, cost, as well as using materials that are stronger, and more environmentally friendly. This is an ethos shared with high-speed door specialists, EFAFLEX, who during their 40+ year history are the only company worldwide to specialise in the design, manufacture and installation of high-speed doors.

Made to measure

At EFAFLEX big, really does mean BIG! They have the engineering skills and manufacturing expertise to design and build high- speed doors up to a surface area of up to 80² meters. Having such a large door could, you’d think expose the building, loading bay or warehouse to the elements and in turn increase energy heating costs for temperature control. Not so in the case of EFAFLEX where fast really does mean fast! Their turbo door uses a unique virtually contactless spiral opening design. 25 years on from its initial introduction, it remains the world’s fastest vertically opening door that can be configured with opening speeds up to 4 metres per second.

Reduce energy costs by 50%

Energy saving is at the heart of the EFAFLEX range. With options that include folding, roll up and spiral, their engineers have, through the generations, developed unique technology including the EFA-THERM® laths to help clients reduce their energy costs by up to 50%. Couple this with their hallmark build quality which enables the doors to effortlessly operate up to 250,000 cycles per annum, reducing the need for servicing and maintenance, and it’s easy to understand why corporate clients such as Audi, Mercedes and Rolls Royce insist on the EFAFLEX brand.

Cost reduction

Modular construction can cut building costs by 20 – 30 per cent. The shorter build time saves money not only during construction phase but on labour time too. Unlike traditional roller shutters, the durability of the EFAFLEX high-speed door range is extremely cost effective when considered over its usable life cycle. The diagram charts the costs of a standard roller type door versus an EFAFLEX door. While the initial cost to purchase may be higher, when the operating and energy costs are combined, the overall expense is much lower installing an EFAFLEX high-speed door. Modular can be beautiful; EFAFLEX believe so. Aesthetics are important. Whether that is matching the colour or corporate branding, EFAFLEX can design a door to complement any facade. Their unique Sales App enables users to see a visual 3D impression of their door in situ, to better visualize it within its context and configure the door type, style and colour to the customer’s specific needs.

A door for every application and budget

Each of the 90+ door styles has been specifically designed with safety, performance and quality in mind with a range to suit virtually every application and budget.

The benefits

Check out these benefits; - Speed – the EFA-STR® is the world’s fastest vertically opening door with a speed of 4 metre per second. Perfect in those areas where you want to minimise exposure to the elements and maintain temperature control! - Energy efficiency – EFAFLEX have designed the world’s first thermal door laths that can insulate up to 0.66 W/m2K. - Service life – with up to 250,000 operating cycles per annum, this will help reduce maintenance and service downtime. - Safety – with a range of door sensors and activation methods, EFAFLEX can incorporate an operating device that specifically matches your needs. - Customer service – EFAFLEX’s team of trained engineers are on hand throughout the life of your door. Each installation is backed with a full after sales and maintenance and service programme. Trust EFAFLEX to offer that peace of mind. Regardless of application and budget, they can help reduce energy costs, improve safety and increase efficiency. Get in touch to arrange your no obligation site survey or check out the website for more technical details and Building Information Modelling (BIM) downloads.

EFAFLEX. Engineered. Efficient. Effective.

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