New Al-Wall® ventilated rainscreen system provides high quality facade design

New Al-Wall® ventilated rainscreen system provides high quality facade design

With the huge lean towards minimalist design in contemporary architecture, all-glass facades are often favoured to provide a modern look to new buildings.

However, regenerating the facade of an aging building can be challenging, costly and time-consuming, without the right system. One such system is the new CRL Langle Al-Wall®. It creates a highly-durable, protective envelope around new and old buildings.

This innovative rainscreen system can be fixed to steel or aluminium substructures, but also to timber constructions and timber walls. All visible external screws consist of 316 stainless steel and are attractively countersunk. The retainers are available in aluminium anodised and in any RAL colours which enables an individual, project-specific colour adjustment.

The onsite installation is quick and easy as tolerances of the substructure are taken up in all directions. The CRL Langle Al-Wall® system’s clever clip design fixes the individual glass panels without the need for glass cut-outs. Damaged glass panels can also simply be changed without the need to remove adjacent panels.

Providing both a safe ventilation of the building while guarding against the elements, the system includes components in premium coated aluminium. It has been salt spray and statically tested, ensuring that it is able to withstand the harshest of conditions and that CRL can provide bearing capacity to customers.

The CRL Langle Al-Wall® System is a smart and simple solution for modernising and protecting the exterior of private and public buildings such as car parks, schools, hospitals, offices, shopping centres and museums.

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