Next generation of perimeter security systems ideal to protect growing number of new warehouses [Blog]

Next generation of perimeter security systems ideal to protect growing number of new warehouses [Blog]

A blog written by Heras

The warehousing industry has hit the national news headlines with reports that big sheds can’t be built fast enough to meet the demand fuelled by the explosion in online shopping in the UK.

Whilst Daniel Burnstein from Heras – one of Europe’s leading end-to-end suppliers of permanent and mobile perimeter protection solutions – welcomed the good news, in this blog he urges the owners of new warehouses not to forget the importance of protecting these sites from intrusions or attempted break-ins.

In the UK’s race to build more warehousing space as quickly as possible, it’s important not to overlook the fundamental requirement to secure these sites and protect the valuable stock they hold.

This is the message that Heras have been getting across as part of their launch campaign for the next generation of perimeter intrusion detection systems (PIDSs) – which not only provide greater levels of perimeter protection, thanks to innovations, but also integrate seamlessly into warehouse security management systems (SMSs) to provide an enhanced level of automation.

One of the headline features that has attracted the most attention is Heras’ ‘listening’ fence. GeoMic uses a discreet microphonic sensor cable (alpha) that listens for sounds – such as an intrusion attempt going over, under or through the fence. GeoMic analyses the signal and then generates an alarm output, based on whether the signal meets the configured alarm criteria.

In addition, the GeoMic Pro version has double the sensor range – to cover a greater zone area – and has twice the amount of monitored inputs and relay outputs (compared to the standard GeoMic), so it can integrate with more third-party security equipment.

GeoPoint is the other main product group in the new PIDSs range, and the sensors can be grouped into multiple unique zones around the perimeter to help provide an accurate visual verification of an intrusion when used in conjunction with CCTV and video security management. The pro version communicates via an IP network and is completely scalable, which is ideal for large sites and those that may grow and expand in the future.

The use of PIDSs, as complete turnkey systems, can take automation to a new level as part of a warehouse’s SMS. These benefits mean that when human intervention is required, the warehouse’s security team have precise information, which enables them to respond quicker and more effectively to intrusions or threats.

Daniel Burnstein is Head of Sales for Heras. More information on PIDSs can be found at

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