Noise Barriers


The number one protection against noise and privacy infringement, plus intruder threats

Heras' revolutionary noise barriers are a potential solution for everyone who is concerned with future and current environmental developments – the Noise reducer.

The noise isolation and absorption values offer a robust noise barrier that caters for the most varied situations in our busy and crowded living space. The noise reduction wall also protects your privacy and safety by creating a site perimeter and a barrier against intruders. The noise reduction wall is available in two versions: the Noise reducer and the Noise reducer HA.

Noise intrusion is a constant issue for most densely populated countries. This can be caused by a number of things: children playing, industry, agriculture, heavy machinery, rail and road traffic.

Noise is not only detrimental to residential and industrial environments, but in some cases even to personal health and welfare. The Noise reducer is the solution. These highly effective insulation walls protect you from noise and intruders, but also guarantee your privacy.

Durable and environment-friendly

Because durable materials are used, the core of the Noise reducer is completely recyclable. This also contributes to an extremely long system life expectancy: more than 25 years. Designed as a green wall, they effectively filter dust particles and the CO2 level in the air, contributing to a better air quality.


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