Packaged Sewage Treatment Plants


A Packaged Sewage Treatment Plant is a compact all-in-one solution. They are the ‘ultimate’ sewage treatment solution and allows glamping customers to deal with effluent waste effectively.

It’s a more sophisticated unit than a septic tank, while there are different types of package sewage treatment plant, they all generally follow the same principles. Below are a number of business benefits:

Firstly, if your site has access to watermains then the use of flushing loos might be considered as a favourable feature to many holiday makers.

Secondly, glamping sites aim to attract more of the ‘luxury, high- end’ of the glamping market, meaning that flushing toilets and showers etc will be more likely part of that overall experience.

Thirdly, for large glamping sites, the very nature of the ‘all-in-one solution’ offered by Packaged Sewage Treatment Plants means economies of scale, low maintenance, low running costs and reduced operational costs of contractor tanker emptying make this a highly attractive and cost-effective investment.

Lastly, some glamping sites may have septic tanks already installed to process effluent waste.

Package sewage treatment plants create an environment which facilitates the growth of bacteria which break down sewage into non- polluting end products.

Like septic tanks, packaged sewage treatment plants have the same primary treatment process where raw sewage enters the primary tank and sludge, scum and liquid are separated. The liquid sewage then passes through an effluent filter before entering the secondary treatment unit.

In this stage it is where sewage treatment plants are designed to transfer oxygen through the sewage, enabling aerobic bacteria to breakdown the sewage effluent matter. Sewage treatment plants have the advantage of being far more effective than the natural bacteria breakdown occurring in a septic tank. So much so that the quality of the treated liquid is so good, it can discharge directly to a watercourse or underground.

A Packaged Sewage Treatment Plant is a significant investment. Therefore, we have carefully analysed the market and have selected the BIOROCK product range as our supplier of choice. We think that their proven performance and outstanding innovation make them the leader in the field of onsite and decentralized non-electric wastewater treatment ideal for the glamping sector.

We will be supplying the MONOROCK and ECOROCK ranges which we think will cover all glamping applications. In fact, these products are so new to us that we are still catching up with our product sheets and website supporting materials. So, in the meantime please contact us however for more details.


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