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MEA offers a product range with several drainage systems which are suitable for the drainage of multi-storey car parks, underground car parks and industrial halls. Drainage systems from MEA have many ways of avoiding water collecting which are just as effective as they are economical. With the innovative drainage solutions of MEA Drainage Systems all kind of installation possibilities are conceivable, providing every specifier with design freedom.

The MEADRAIN® Solution PG channel system addresses the need for a complete indoor drainage solution for projects such as multi-storey car parks, underground car parks and industrial halls.

In opting for a monolithic channel system, MEA achieved a decisive product development for the MEADRAIN® Solution PG. Entirely devoid of moving parts, it is noise-free and sets new standards for channel use in underground car parks. What’s more, the combination of polymer concrete – a modern and corrosion-free material – and the patent-applied-for comb profile offers up new worlds of design possibilities for planners.

Its low overall height of only 50mm ensures the channel can be accommodated readily in floor and ceiling structures with only minimal removal. In practical use, the Solution PG is compelling due to the quick and simple way it can be cleaned without the need to remove a cover. Whereas the function of conventional channel systems is restricted to the drainage of water.

The MEADRAIN® Solution PG can also be used as a guidance aid or ground surface indicator for the visually impaired. Norm-compliant slot widths guarantee wheelchair and bicycle-friendly trafficability. Whilst load resistance that is compliant with class C250 naturally also guarantees trafficability by trucks and goods vehicles.

The flexible MEADRAIN® Solution PG channel system can be interconnected along its length and across its width. This parallel installation freedom allows planners to produce unique channel widths, depending on the installation site and requirement profile.

Demand for more environmentally responsible surface drainage systems with increased load capability has never been higher. The new drainage channel SV1000 can be used in parks, pedestrian areas, car-parking facilities and even heavy industrial areas. It is made of environmentally friendly polymer concrete. With a 4mm galvanized edge protection, the channel is also suitable for industrial purposes up to and including load class E600. Additional provision for sealing the joints satisfies standards which insist upon ground water being protected against aggressive and/or toxic liquids.

The SV1000 polymer concrete line drainage with 100mm nominal width has a capillary-free structure, which ensures a maximum of environmental protection. The extremely durable and practically wear-free construction of the gutter bodies offers a high load-bearing capacity. The outstanding surface structure guarantees a rapid drainage of polluted sewage. The 4mm galvanized edge gratings can be anchored with the CLIPFIX lock device and have a notch to prevent longitudinal movements; a solid construction which ensures that the grates remain in place regardless the direction of the traffic flow.

The SV1000 drainage channels are available in meter and half meter parts, with or without fall and in the heights 150mm up till 305mm. The product range is completed by a wide range of accessories; with 4 types of silt boxes. With an outlet connection of diameter 110mm or 160mm, eventually provided with or without roddable foul air trap.

With slotted, mesh and ductile iron gratings the product range is completed. MEA have gratings available in the load classes A15 up till E600. For the load classes D400 and E600 they have integrated a notch to prevent longitudinal movements.

With MEADRAIN CLIPFIX you have an innovative non-bolted alternative to grating securement. Simply place the grating in the channel body, step on the grating, finished. The result will convince you entirely: the securement method saves time and money, facilitates optimal water discharge and will last reliably for decades. The grating can be removed to reveal an entirely unobstructed channel cross section which can be cleaned without the hindrance of cross members.

The PG EVO drainage system for multi-storey and underground car parks benefits from MEA UK Limited's latest developments and production techniques making it the benchmark when it comes to drain muti-storey and underground car parks.

Thanks to its monolithical construction and its intelligent comb design the PG EVO is the perfect drainage system for multi-storey and underground car parks. The optimised heights of 3 cm and the innovative installation possibilities make an economical and safe construction of parking decks possible. The PG EVO already fulfills all future parking construction regulations and is perfectly water tight.


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