Pegler Yorkshire Launch New T555 Tap for Thermostatic Safety

Pegler Yorkshire Launch New T555 Tap for Thermostatic Safety

Social landlords need a solution that delivers cost-effectiveness and performance, but in a sector where safety is paramount, the T555 offers the best of all worlds. Its thermostatic, anti-scald performance has been designed and developed to eliminate any possibility of scalding by mixing hot and cold water at a safe, pre-set temperature (with a pre-set temperature of a maximum 46°C), while delivering excellent flow rates and works even where pressure is low.

The latest innovation over the previous L555 is the ability to turn off the water supply in seconds at the body of the tap, simply by using the dedicated isolation key. This means no more time, temper and costs associated with removing a bath panel to access the valve in the conventional way, to then spend time not only isolating the valve off, but in many cases removing the tap to clean filters and maintain non-return valves and flow regulators.

Other popular features include dual thermostatic technology to give precise flow and temperature control and the easy to use handles with clear, bold markings makes the T555 perfect for people with special needs to use. The great strength of the T555 is its built in versatility, allowing it to be used in social housing, public utilities, commercial and domestic properties and a whole variety of other markets and applications.

As well as being safe and versatile, the T555 also makes sound economic sense. Costs are saved by not having to purchase a separate electric shower, or separate bath taps, the cost of installing a radial ringmain and of course, additional electrician and plumber’s labour costs are also avoided and all made at the installation stage. Thereafter, users will continue to enjoy significant savings on annual maintenance costs too. This is a tap to be maintained by a plumber – there is no need to get a joiner or other qualified personnel to remove the bath panel before servicing can take place.

What the T555 amounts to is the safest, most cost-effective mixer choice. But while cost saving is always a consideration, it is it’s safety features that really set the T555 apart. There is a fast shut off for maximum safety (the T555 is currently the only tap to have been awarded a pass by BuildCert for 46° cold water shut off) and in addition each tap has full traceability, right down to the date and time of manufacture.

With new additions on hot water safety being included in Part G of the Building Regulations, the T555 has arrived at the right time, ensuring compliance with the regulations and protecting users from the dangers of scalding hot water, plus protection from the thermal shock that can occur if the hot water supply fails.

The impact of severe scalds on vulnerable groups like children and the elderly can be devastating, resulting in long-term disability and disfigurement and often years of hospital treatment. The cost of these injuries can be considerable. One scald is one too many and with the availability of thermostatic products like the T555, responsible social landlords have the perfect product to meet the needs of their tenants.

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