Pendant and Surface Lighting: Appareo; Freedom, Combilume

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Appareo is a suspended luminaire which maximises the design flexibility offered by LED's - without compromising on the requirements for efficiency and ergonomics.

The starting point was a new type of glass diffuser which acts as both the reflector and the louvre. The light is distributed indirectly towards the ceiling and directly down towards the work surface. Providing the ambient and task lighting levels demanded in contemporary office spaces.

Unlit the transparent glass screen is housed with a slender aluminium frame for the height of discretion. When lit, the LEDs positioned across the slide of the luminaire bring the screen to life, increasing the opacity and guiding the light for an optimal visual experience. The result is a fresh, crisp light that does not dazzle.


Think big, light surfaces in imaginative formations. Combilume is a creative family of large-surface-area luminaires designed so you can create imaginative light settings. Combilume is available in wall-mounted, ceiling flush-mounted or pendent versions, with direct or indirect light, in a number of sizes. Combine them together in creative clusters or use each one as a separate light feature.

In Combilume, LED technology is really in its element. The modern light technology and side-emitting light diodes result in pleasant, even surfaces both for individual office work stations and for large rooms where people come together. That is what makes Combilume the creative luminaire for your entire project.

Sketch your own lines with light! Freedom is an innovative LED luminaire that makes it possible to create free forms suspended in the air, on the ceiling and on the wall. With the help of two modules, one straight and one curved, the luminaire can be built up to follow the shape of the room or a creative concept. Offering architects, interior designers and lighting designers full freedom of expression.

The modules are based on two thin but very sturdy aluminium sections, one of which is bent along a radius of 1200 mm. Using a combination of straight and curved luminaire modules, combinations can be built where the only limitation is the size of the room. The modules are designed for three different mounting options – suspended, surface or wall mounted– which adds yet another dimension. Particular attention was paid towards toning down the technical solutions for the benefit of aesthetics, with discreet connections between the modules and terminating end caps. Following the same ambition, the power supply has been made more efficient so that one power feed covers up to six modules. Each wire is capable of carrying multiple modules, which contributes to an even purer expression when the luminaire is suspended.

Freedom sets itself apart with a light treatment that is uncommon in the sector. The luminaire is not only a decorative solution but provides a full general lighting solutions in its own right. LED is the key to the design of Freedom but a great emphasis has also been placed on the lighting technology. Through a combination of an innovative internal reflector and opal diffuser an even output can be achieved without glare or a blinding light.


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