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RBL offers a huge range of piles and piling techniques to suit most piling requirements.

Most of the systems use displacement methods for installation thereby minimising spoil.

Precast Concrete Piles


This pile may be used for all types of structures and foundation and can also be used for all types of civil engineering applications.

The RB Precast Concrete Piling System is quick to install and no spoil or arisings are generated from pile installation.

The RB Precast Concrete Pile range includes piles for compression and nominal tension and bending, piles that accommodate compression and tension, and piles with full moment-transfer joints.

The standard segment lengths of 1.5m, 3m and 4m can be complemented as required by 6m or 8m segments and by tapered lead sections or enlarged lead sections.


RB precast concrete piles are usually top-driven using hydraulic drop hammers, some of which are super-silenced and are part of the company’s fleet of remotely operated Quiet hammers.

Hammer capacities range from 1T up to 10T for our general purpose low noise, low vibration hammers and can be mounted on a variety of tracked rigs.

All rigs are designed and purpose-built in-house to meet specific site access and transportation criteria.

The smaller sizes of RB precast concrete pile may also be jacked into the ground using a totally vibrationless system utilising RB in-house designed and built jack-down piling rigs

RB precast concrete piles are suitable for all open, unrestricted site activities.

Continuous Flight Auger (CFA) Piles


All-purpose application for new and refurbishment projects.

The piles are speedily installed and can cater for a variety of ground conditions. They are cost-effective and can accommodate large working loads.

The standard size range may be complemented with intermediate sizes if required and pile lengths of up to 19m can be constructed.

Standard reinforcement details are used where appropriate which will comprise single centrally positioned reinforcing bars or reinforcement cages as required to suit horizontal or bending moment loadings.

Special cages can be manufactured to suit specific loading situations.


RB CFA piles are formed using hollow stem auger boring techniques.

Having produced a bore to calculated depth through known strata, concrete is pumped into the bore under pressure and continues to be pumped as the auger flight is lifted.

The reinforcement is installed in the bore after the pile has been concreted.

These are suited to all types of conditions from open, unrestricted access sites to very confined, low-headroom situations.

Tubular Steel Piles


These piles are particularly suitable for accommodating significant horizontal loads and vertical tension loads.

Utilising recycled steel tube delivers both cost effective and environmental benefits.

These piles are suitable for driving in difficult or uncertain ground conditions up to 50m deep.


These piles are top driven to ‘set’ or length using purpose-built rigs with hydraulic hammers.

The internal void can subsequently be filled with concrete or grout.

The site should be firm, dry, flat and level, and capable of sustaining the load of the piling rigs which typically will weigh up to 35T.

Access roads must be suitable for normal delivery vehicles.

Continuous Helical Displacement (CHD) Bored Displacement Piles


This type of pile can be used for all foundation applications where bearing piles are required for either buildings or structures. The pile may also be used where there is a retaining requirement.

The ability to form bored piles without producing any spoil. There is minimal vibration and noise.


The piles are formed using a highly efficient multi-flight bullet ended shaft, driven by a high torque rotary head, enabling penetration of the strata without bringing material to the surface.

Data is recorded using computerised instrumentation.

Nominal surface heaving may occur but compared with the arisings from CFA boring, the volume is negligible.


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